Made-to-measure programs for the food retail trade

Customized programs for the retail trade have to be planned in great detail and implemented with due diligence. Why? Because the trade needs made-to-measure solutions - the more specific the better. At COBANA, responsibility for coordinating and controlling the complex processes involved lies with regional and national key account managers. They initially systematically analyze the objectives and desires of their clients and then coordinate the given specifications between production, logistics and service.

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First-class service - irrespective of brand

Within the framework of this concept, our clients can - if they feel the need - visit producers in the country of origin to see for themselves, and even make their own contribution to the way in which their future product is cultivated and processed. In this way, long-term, effective supply concepts that support each individual client along the path to achieving their goals can be implemented.

"Full Service" for the range of fresh produce

COBANA's nationwide network enables its members to provide different customer systems with needs-oriented and program-controlled services. The development of customized brand strategies is likewise a component of the services portfolio, such as the provision of a full range of services for a client's house brands: from delivery from the desired production region through order picking to sales promotion.

Competitive advantages for our customers

Rigidly defined standards, continuous availability of the fruits, and exceedingly good terms of purchase are the crucial advantages for retail trade clients. They form the basis for the success of our range of fresh produce - day in, day out.

The four big questions:

When, what, where and how much?

The common goal is to reliably shape the program for the trade and to systematically control availabilities, capacities, grades and varieties.

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