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to the highest quality

When it comes to the international trade in fresh produce, food retailers need partners they can count on – partners that ensure that agreed-upon standards are met and that only great-tasting fruit reaches the market. All operations at COBANA are therefore underpinned by a stringent and centralised quality management system. 

This includes carefully selecting fruit growers based on criteria such as level of experience, delivery reliability and produce quality; keeping a close eye on intermediate stages such as produce storage and logistics operations; and – in active collaboration with other departments – guaranteeing that all imported fruit reaches its final destination in flawless condition and premium quality. Along with preventive measures, continuous checks form a close-meshed network of controls that has shown outstanding results for many years and that is continuously developed further. 

These quality management measures are backed up by a host of certifications. COBANA is currently certified according to the IFS Broker, Global GAP C.o.C, Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade standards. 

Activities of COBANA’s quality management department

  • Quality assurance, including the implementation of all quality requirements in close collaboration with our farming partners in the countries of origin
  • Cooperation with companies that provide services along the supply chain
  • Certifications
  • Development and support of environmental and social projects

Product and food safety


GIZ Project

Zertifikate Download

Here you have direct access to the most important certificates from COBANA GmbH & Co. KG:

IFS Broker
PDF (DE, 299 KB) »

Bio-Certificate Cobana
PDF (DE, 161 KB) »

Global GAP C.o.C
PDF (DE, 62 KB) »

PDF (DE, 135 KB) »

Rainforest Alliance
PDF (DE, 203 KB) »


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