Quality assurance along the entire supply chain

is our top priority

Close collaboration with our partners in both the countries of origin and the retail sector, along with a high level of transparency, are essential in order to maintain a seamless quality management system and thus achieve a high level of product safety. 

The first step consists of all our farming partners signing the COBANA quality agreement, which covers key issues such as residue levels, quality standards and traceability. In addition, we only work with suppliers that are certified by the internationally recognised Global GAP Standard. 

To keep close tabs on activities in the countries of origin, we regularly conduct audits of the operations of our overseas farming partners.

Other ways that we enhance the safety of our products:

Product inspection and quality evaluation

  • Constant sharing of information about quality issues – before and after the harvest
  • Audits on all produce entering European ports by independent quality inspectors
  • Processing of produce at the pallet level based on quality evaluation
  • Regular visits to our farming partners around the world

Risk planning and laboratory testing

  • Preparation of risk-based laboratory sampling plans while taking into account the type of produce, the country of origin and the previous test results stored in COBANA’s extensive database
  • Sampling of produce prior to shipping and after arrival in the port of destination (organised by laboratories in Germany)
  • Implementation of clearly defined sampling plans


  • Close collaboration during the production stage with agricultural engineers, specially trained staff and independent inspectors and laboratories
  • Professional documentation of all activities throughout the entire production process, using technology such as IT tools developed in-house
  • These IT tools enable product notifications and rejections down to the pallet level, while also making it possible to verify the certification status of the respective produce
  • The Global GAP Number (GGN) on all packaging guarantees traceability

Our QM-Team:

Stephanie von Gratkowski 

040/30 30 5-147

Toni Grabinger 

040/30 30 5-141

Berit Fehrenbach

040 / 30305-145

Quality management

Product and food safety